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Who We Are

Hamilton Research is a technology company specialising in retrofit solutions for aluminium plants. By leveraging domain expertise and artificial intelligence, we empower these plants to attain self-reliance, profitability, and sustainability.

Our product offerings include the RedCon System for Pot Control and FireCon System for Anode Baking Furnaces. Along with services like-

  • Customised Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • Compatible Spares
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Long / Short-term Manpower Support
  • Technical Support

Hamilton Research is a technology company providing retrofit solutions that enable aluminium plants to achieve operational control, increased power efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

We provide solutions such as smart pot control systems and heat regulation systems for anode baking furnaces, with services such as

  • Customised Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • Compatible Spares
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Long / Short-term Manpower Support
  • Technical Support

We stand out due to our superior customer service standards and in-depth knowledge of client needs. Through our customised technology solutions, we bring about process efficiencies with direct implications on clients’ bottom line. We partner long-term with our clients, helping them boost productivity and optimise costs while ensuring a gradual and smooth transition to efficient and greener processes.

In case of retrofit requirement, we focus solely on what is required by the customer, using an optimised process to bridge the gap between the services provided by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the actual on-ground user requirements.

We are powered by a team of competent in-house domain experts, analysts and engineers working in a creative, dynamic, and hands-on environment who are trained by some of the best aluminium technologists in the world. Hamilton Research aspires to be the first choice globally, for all aluminium plants seeking to adapt to advanced technologies or to upgrade their control systems. Hamilton Research leverages its storehouse of industry talent and incorporates the best data analytics, IoT, AI and emerging carbon-friendly technologies to support their endeavour.


To be the preferred supplier of technology and control systems that facilitate sustainable operations for the aluminium industry globally.


To deliver safe, innovative, environment-friendly, high-quality products & services tailored to the needs of customers through a profitable, equal-opportunity organization of motivated employees.



We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in thoughts and deeds.


Realising that success is a joint effort requiring teamwork to achieve our goals.


Our diligence and hunger for knowledge ensures that we are constantly improving.

Board Of Directors

Our Team

Our Commitment

At Hamilton Research, we recognise the importance of contributing to the well-being of society. In alignment with our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have implemented a comprehensive policy under the Companies Act, 2013. Our CSR initiatives span areas such as education, community health, environmental conservation, and social and cultural heritage. This reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on the communities we serve and upholding the values of responsible corporate citizenship.

Some of our CSR initiatives are outlined below:
  • Providing students belonging to socially and economically weaker sections of society with financial aid and other assistance.
  • Supporting efforts for community health in slums and promoting healthcare including preventive healthcare.
  • Supporting programs and efforts for environment protection and ecological balance and conservation of natural resources.
  • Encouraging and supporting social and cultural heritage and traditions of our society.
  • Contributing to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and other funds set up by the Central Government.
  • Undertaking CSR in any of the activities mentioned under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Donations to Trusts, Charitable Organisations, Non- Government Organisation, Section 8 Companies undertaking any of the above-mentioned activities or any of the activities covered under Schedule VII of Companies Act, 2013.