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Manpower Support

During the process of configuring a new control system, often plants struggle to convey their requirements to the development team. This requires a team with domain knowledge in Aluminium process control along with hardware and software development skills, a combination which is not easily available. To bridge this gap, Hamilton Research offers its team, both off-site and on-site manpower to translate these requirements and help them integrate into the new control system.

The Hamilton Research team will work as an extension of the customers’ own team but not on their direct payrolls.

Customers can work with the Hamilton Research team to develop a product whose IP rights will rest solely the customer. Our stringent security system coupled with our own value-based ethics makes sure that your IP remains secure. Our team has experience in

  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers based on Intel / ARM / RISC architectures
  • Programmable devices like FPGAs and CPLDs
  • EDA Tools
  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Integrated Development Environments

Hamilton Research’s software team offers B2B outsourcing services, providing customers with access to Indian software expertise without the burden of fixed overhead costs. Customers can trust us for quality and security, as our team possesses expertise in the following areas:

  • C / C++ / MFC / Qt
  • JAVA / JavaScript / React JS / Bootstrap / Inspinia / Node JS / Next JS / Electron JS
  • SQL Server / Mongo DB / PostGRE SQL / MySQL / Redis
  • UNIX / Linux / Windows / Windows Server

Our team with expertise in multiple domains can help various system providers with the installation and commissioning of their systems at customer sites.
This assistance offers several benefits to the system providers, including-

  • Reduction In Fixed Costs
  • Protection Against Attrition And Reduction In Training Costs
  • Reduction In Logistics Management And Costs
  • Helping To Remain Focussed On The Core Areas Of Development