Our Holistic Services are Industry Leading

Customized Design Services


HARTs association with its customers starts with an idea, which gets converted into a state-of-the-art solution to suit all the customer's requirements. To make this happen, we have a multi-disciplinary team of innovative and passionate engineers who come up to a solution using their knowledge in the fields like

  • Hardware / Software  and its integration
  • Real-Time Executives
  • Industrial Control Modules
  • Man Machine Interfaces

Our team enables us to fully meet the requirements of our clients. Our services start right from the project definition to the deployment. Our unmatched post sales service support is the one which helps us in getting repeat orders from our esteemed customers.

Hardware Design Services

HART has a team of innovative system and hardware designers who work with a motto of turning dreams into reality. While designing the engineers pay special attention to reliability, future proofing, environment friendliness and affordability. The team has experience in

  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers based on Intel / ARM / RISC architectures
  • Programmable devices like FPGAs and CPLDs
  • Analog and Digital Hardware design

Compatible Solutions

HART also supports its customers who are facing problems of non-availability of essential spares. This is done through

  • Designing electronics cards / systems based on top level specifications provided by the customer.
  • Developing software for interface level compatibility 
  • Integration of the compatible module with the existing system

Customized Software Development

HART has also a team of high level system programmers who are more than willing to undertake the challenge of meeting the customer's aspirations and provide them an interface which is aesthetic and easy to use. To make this happen, the team makes use of tools like  

  • C / C++ / MFC / Qt
  • JAVA / JavaScript / React JS / Bootstrap / Inspinia / Node JS / Next JS / Electron JS
  • SQL Server / Mongo DB / PostGRE SQL / MySQL / Redis
  • UNIX / Linux / Windows / Windows Server