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HRS-Heat Regulation System for Anode Banking Furnaces

    HART’s Anode Baking System (ABS) for Anode Baking Furnaces comes with state-of-the-art automatic firing and control technology. The system incorporates the advances in technology to provide various control strategies and diagnostic features.

The objective of the system are

  • Ensuring the baking profile of the anodes
  • Maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Minimize flue to flue deviation
  • Maximize utilization of pitch volatile burning
  • Enhancing refractory life
  • Optimization of changeover time
  • Crossover management

ABS Components

    • Supervisory System
    • Network Components
    • Heating Ramps
    • Exhaust Ramp
    • Zero Pressure Ramp
    • Temperature / Pressure Ramp
    • Monitoring & Control System

Critical System Features

    • CO Monitoring system to be integrated with the controls
    • Anti-Flooding control (in case of burner getting direct, system raise alarm to see oil doesn’t flow uncontrolled)
    • Flue condition monitoring
    • Heat recovery during change over.

    • Process and KPI report
    • Thermocouple backup mode in case of change in faulty thermocouple
    • Advanced process and safety interlocks
    • Future Oil change parameters