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APC - Advanced Pot Controller for Aluminum Smelters

    • Electronic Pot Controllers
    • Communication Controller
    • Supervisory & Line Controller
    • Control Software

R&D Team at HART dedicatedly works round the clock to develop and upgrade technology solutions for process control of Aluminium Smelters. The product is designed in a way that it can be easily customized to the needs of the plant economically. HART has expertise in retrofitting Pot Control Systems to old and inefficient plants; thereby rejuvenating them and making them profitable. During the process of change over, HART ensures minimum downtime to prevent any disruption in operations. HART establishes long-term relationship with its customers and offers training, unmatched support & maintenance services and AMC for all its customers

APCs Controls over the process

    • Alumina Concentration Control
    • Automatic Noise Control
    • Automatic Anode effect  Prediction And Prevention
    • Automatic Anode Effect Killing
    • This is Point Direct
    • Current/ voltage distributer
    • Supervisory And User Interface
    • Management Information System
    • Automatic Resistance Control
    • Automatic Fluoride Control
    • Anode Effect Management
    • Metal Tapping Control
    • Automatic Resistance Control
    • Anode Change / Stud Pulling Compensation
    • Automatic Anode Effect  Detection
    • Automatic Aluminium Fluoride  Addition and Control
    • Intelligent Pot Controller
    • Networking Equipment
    • Automated Visual / Audio Alarm System
    • Database Management System
    • Automatic Alumina Feed Control
    • Noise Control
    • Anode Change Control
    • Anode Beam Raise

Benefits At A Glance

Direct Benefit

    • Rise In Current efficiency
    • Decrease in consumption of raw materials
    • Increase in Pot Life
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Lower specific energy  consumption
    • Reduced Voltage

Indirect Benefit

    • Lower Environmental pollution
    • Boosts morale of workers
    • Ensures Better health of workers
    • Real-time messaging
    • Saves time on supervision
    • Superior acceptability in the market
    • International quality at a lower cost
HART's Pot Control System is a Fully Distributed Process Control System designed around Intelís Atom Processor. There remains a dedicated controller for each reduction cell and is capable of independently handle the pot in case of any kind of network trouble. The heart of the system is a Host Computer (HC) which can range from a single PC to a number of PCs on a network. The Controller named as Advanced Pot Controller (APC), is designed for the purpose of automatically controlling reduction cell in Aluminum Smelter Plants. Each APC consists of embedded controller with 256 MB of RAM expandable to 2GB, 512 MB Flash expandable to 64GB, Analog to Digital conversion, digital input/output capability, communication sub-system, SATA and USB interface, front panel with display devices push button switches and membrane keypad. APC software provides anode movement control and Aluminum feed control based on a predetermined strategy for each reduction cell. It also maintains history information like cell operating parameters, various events and exceptions for each cell. When connected to the HC the system provides for data acquisition and report generation facilities. APC Software is highly parameterized, enabling the end user to fine tune/adjust control algorithm from the HC on individual pot or group of pots.